In 1999 when Balance-Certified Golf first hit the PGA Tour, we learned quickly that our customers were most interested in how our technologies could help improve their score. So, instead of focusing on engineering details, we will just focus on measured RESULTS.


Occasionally, we have been requested to contrast our technologies with imitation products. Customers that use Balance-Certified’s systems are already aware of our product’s outstanding quality and success on Tour. For those that have not actually compared Balance-Certified to the imitations, we have defined the performance difference for you below.


The following vibration amplitude plots were acquired with an accelerometer from the same golf club. The first plot was acquired from the club when it was equipped with Balance-Certified’s scientifically designed shaft weighting system while the second plot was acquired from the club when it was equipped with the imitation system. Can you tell the difference?


At its most basic level, golf is a game of feel. I have heard this from a long list of Tour players. The bottom line is that Balance-Certified’s technologies have been specifically designed to enhance or amplify the vibration response of the golf club. This super-important vibration information is the magic that a golfer feels with his hands at impact. Without this critical information, the golfer cannot perceive where on the face of the club he impacted the ball. He is effectively numb to ball impact. Thus he cannot improve his swing path from one swing to the next. This is true for putters as well as full swing clubs.


The imitation shaft weighting systems function as a damper absorbing golf club vibration. They work like Novocain making the grip end of the club numb to the golfer’s hands. To further illustrate these phenomena, click on the play buttons below to hear the actual "wave" files representing acoustic response measured with the accelerometer.


The difference is very clear. The imitation weights make the club sound and feel dead.


For those that like a little more detail, we have included Fourier transformations of the previous time history data into the frequency domain so you can see a more clear indication of the amount of vibration damping that the imitation systems generate. As you can readily observe from the following plots, the vibration response of the imitation equipped club is much lower than that of the Balance-Certified Golf equipped club. Actually, the 480 Hz mode amplitude was reduced by a FACTOR of at least 5X and the higher order modes have been pretty much completely damped out. Keep in mind that this vibration response is the definition of feel.

The bottom line is that golf is absolutely a game of FEEL. Imitation products impair feel. Balance-Certified’s technologies are scientifically designed to enhance feel. In fact, product quality and engineered performance are Balance-Certified’s top priorities.

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