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We started back in 1998 applying science and engineering to the concept of back weighting.  We found that it wasn’t just throwing some weight in the back of the club.  The amount of weight and the position of the weight make all the difference.  As NASA engineers we know that if we gave infinite weight choices and had an infinite amount of time we could fit each person to the exact right amount of weight for their particular club.  But, of course that is not feasible in the marketplace.  So we narrowed the choices in a putter to 6 different weight, to fit 90% of golfers.  In the early years it was an uphill battle, we had already proved the science and we had proved it on Tour with players, but the industry didn’t buy the significance of it because it was so different than anything else out there.  The proof was always there if we could get the club in someone’s hand.  Anyway, as I’m sure you are aware, the industry has now jumped on board.  We were at the PGA Show this past week and saw most of the big companies had some form of back weight.  It is a great feeling, creating an entirely new niche in the golf industry, but it is frustrating as well, seeing all the imitations out there.


Anyway, that is just a little bit of the history.  Currently we have excellent products for all clubs.  The great thing is that our weights go into most every club, regardless of the manufacturer, grip, head, etc.  It gives you the opportunity to tune the clubs you already have, instead of having to buy a new set to try to gain an edge.


Besides the fact that our weights are universal, they are made in the USA, high quality CNC machined, we stand behind them 100%.  Structurally they are engineered for performance and they enhance the feel in your club as opposed to the others that deaden the feel.  The weights and design of our products are the result of our engineering backgrounds, 15+ years of experience with the science of back weighting, thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of Tour players.


If you are interested in fitting your driver, then we suggest the AMT for Drivers or the Power Transfer Insert.  If you are one that likes to tinker, then get the AMT Driver Kit.   If you want to put it in one time and be done, then get the Power Transfer Insert (w/tools).  The weight and design of these two products is the result of years of testing, engineering and customer feedback.  We have found with these two choices, we can satisfy 90%+.  If you are looking to do your irons, then go with the Accurizer for Irons and Wedges.  The AMT for Putters is an excellent choice for your putter.



When the correct amount of weight is placed in the grip end of the golf club the golfer gains better awareness of the clubs position at all times through the swing.  Having the correct amount of weight in the grip end of a driver allows the golfer to know where the slot is and can start his down swing at the correct time and place.  This creates a smooth transition, proper swing path and repeatedly better contact with the ball.  The results are more control off the face and less dispersion which means more fairways.


Having the correct amount of weight in the grip end of the putter allows the hands to be quiet, promoting a smooth pendulum motion and proper ball speed.  The results are better distance control and less dispersion which means fewer putts.  It also gives you incredible “feel”, more solid and clearer perception of where on the face you made contact with the ball.


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