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Balance-Certified Golf was founded in 1999 by a small group of engineers and scientists working in the Aerospace community of Huntsville, Alabama. BCG’s founder Jeff Lindner has fostered one simple premise: that products developed must provide ‘real’ quantifiable improvements to each players game. Consequently these products must stand up to the rigorous engineering analysis and design drawn from a long career in high tech industries. Our staff is dedicated to providing simple yet technically sophisticated products to the golf market.


Huntsville, centrally located in the MidSouth, has been at the heart of advanced engineering and product development for over fifty years. The home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville has nurtured the growth of America’s space program from the first sub-orbital flights to the moon landing, the space shuttle and now the Space Station and beyond. It is this spirit of innovation that drives the staff of Balance-Certified Golf. We look forward to introducing more of our innovative products in the coming years and hope our products make a difference in your game.    Check out The Story of Balance Certifed Golf!

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Balance Certified Golf, Inc. - The Original Backweight System.

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